Having an effective, broad based repellent line is difficult. We should know: Messina Wildlife Management is one of the few companies to do it successfully. But having a successful broad based line still has its challenges, even when you’re good at it! People always ask; liquid or granular? Broad based or specific solution? (answers to both: whatever you choose, we have them all!) Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get:

Do these products really work?

In a word, yes… In more words, our products are guaranteed to work , or we will give you a complete refund. You can read our guarantee here.

That being said, nothing, not even our products, are 100% effective when it comes to repelling animals. Since animals, like humans, have varying senses of smell, taste and feel, there may be situations where our products don’t perform very well, and that is why we guarantee them. Just like you and your friends might not enjoy the same food or music, different animals may respond differently.

Messina Wildlife Management believes we make the best animal repellent products on the market, and that is why our president, James Messina puts his name on every single bottle we sell.


Do these products wash off after rain?

No…For years, the complaint about liquid repellents has been that they wash off after it rains. Messina Wildlife Management’s products don’t.

We’ve formulated our line of products to be rain resistant for about 30 days even during rainfall, snow and regular watering. Instead of having to run out after it rains to make sure you’re protected, grab a good book, make a light snack and enjoy the sound of the rain as a mother nature give the earth a drink.


You say your products are pleasant smelling, but don’t repellents have to stink to work?

No…This is one of the most common and dangerous misconceptions spread about animal repellents, and it’s based on one fundamental flaw: animals have the same sense of smell that human beings do. They don’t.

In fact, many animals have a sense of smell far superior then humans. That’s way, for example, we still use dogs to find drugs, explosives and even missing people. Traditionally, repellents have used their foul odor to imitate the smell of death so that animals will fear that a predator may have a fresh kill and may come back to the area, thereby putting them in danger. But with decreasing numbers of predators, this science is becoming outdated.

Instead, Messina Wildlife Management uses natural odors that the animals dislike while remaining pleasant to humans.


Do I need to rotate repellents, since animals get used to them?

No…The animal that is born today doesn’t know what you used last year. As deer populations continue to grow, for example, their food source becomes more stressed and they run out things to eat. So if a repellent isn’t very good and not very repulsive to the animal, they may not be as deterred as a good repellent that they really don’t like.

Messina Wildlife Management products have been on the market for years with the very same formulas they started with. We haven’t changed a thing, because we haven’t needed to.


Are these products guaranteed?

Absolutely.  In fact, every single product that we make comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Even though we’re confident that our products are the best repellents available, we know that nothing is 100% when it comes to deterring animals.  Just like we all have differences in our senses (some people need glasses, some people are colorblind, some people have no sense of taste), animals have differences as well.  So you can buy with confidence that should our products not be the right tool to help you win the fight against animal damage, we will stand behind it.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, Messina Wildlife Management will refund the suggested retail price or replace your product within 30 days of the date of purchase.  Messina Wildlife Management will not be liable for any damage, direct or indirect.  Refund or replacement of product is our only obligation.  Limit one per household.