PLOTSAVER – Perimeter Protection System

The PLOTSAVER deer barrier system is easy to use, remove and reuse. There’s nothing else like it.

The patented PLOTSAVER deer barrier system is a revolutionary tool for protecting food plots, crops, orchards, reforestation areas, nursery stock and all other growing areas. PLOTSAVER features a reusable barrier ribbon that needs to be treated with PLOTSAVER deer repellent to create a powerful physical and sensory barrier that axis, elk, moose and other deer will not cross. String the PLOTSAVER barrier ribbon 30” high around plot perimeter of any shape on stakes 30’ apart. Reapply PLOTSAVER deer repellent approximately every 30 days until the plot is developed and you want the deer in the area. PLOTSAVER is easily removed and reusable from year to year.

The PLOTSAVER deer barrier system is available in three prepackaged starter kits. Each kit comes with 840’ of 3/4” PLOTSAVER ribbon and enough PLOTSAVER deer repellent to treat the ribbon for about 100 days! Use the ribbon to protect an acre size plot or cut it to protect multiple areas.

The color of the ribbon does not determine the effectiveness The PLOTSAVER kit comes with white ribbon, the PLOTSAVER YARD & GARDEN kit comes with black ribbon, and the PLOTSAVER PLUS comes with black and yellow ribbon wound with four 10mm wires to be hooked up to a charger (not included). The white ribbon is usually used in agricultural settings since it is easy to see, the black ribbon is usually used around residential areas since it blends into the shadows, and the electric ribbon is usually used around livestock to keep them at bay.

Use Messina Wildlife’s PLOTSAVER calculator to make sure you have enough supplies for your area!